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Friday, 8 February 2013

I've been a BAD FRIEND!


Dear best friend,
You're weird,you're not perfect,you're fail!But,that's okay.I'm like that too.We laugh at the randomest things.You also know my ungliest side.Even though we disagree each other,but you still be my bestfriend.When i'm sad,you were always thre to make sure i'm okay.Thanks for being there for me! 

Please,don't judge me unless you have looked trought my eyes,experiences what I have, and cried as many as me.You know what?the MOST painful goodbyes are the ones that are NEVER SAID and NEVER EXPLAINED!I know you will read this and i just want you to know that FRIENDSHIP is not about whom you have know the longest but it'a about who came,and never left your side!
TQ for being myfriend!hope to see you again and goodluck for your future!

#It's really amazing when the stranger become your bestfriend, but it's really sad when the bestfriend become stranger!

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